Disha India Education

Disha India is the manifestation of a dream that took root almost two decades ago; a dream to contribute towards building a nation of possibilities and true freedom by tilling the very soil that nurtures the future generation- our education system. Today, the dream has bloomed into a mission as Disha India works closely with schools in designing meaningful and engaging education for children with the purpose of empowering them for a purposeful living, a living that has meaning and joy for both self and the community at larger. The task is huge. Yet, we firmly believe that courage and small steps (one step at a time) in the right disha (means direction) will spark the desired change. We walk on…

Disha India is a vision of experienced practitioners from the field of K-12 education and management who aspire to construct an experiential and integral way of education where real-life experiences are used as pedagogic medium for teaching and learning. The organization’s core work is to co-create the curriculum, pedagogy and practices that are centered around the above principle of experiential learning and in the process empower teachers to lead and sustain the culture of learning and excellence in the school. The work involves whole school design and development, school leadership development and teachers’ capacity building.

Some of the prominent schools that have been impacted by Disha India’s work are Heritage Schools (Gurgaon and Delhi), O P Jindal Modern School (Hisar), Vidya Bhawan Basic School (Udaipur), Mayoor School (Ajmer), Jingle Bell Academy (Faisabad), Akansha Foundation (Mumbai and Pune), Wellam Girls’ School (Dehradoon), Bodshala, SIDH (Kempty, Mussorie) Delhi Public School (Surat and Gurgaon), Bal Bharati Public School (Noida and Pitampura), Sanjeevani High School (Surat), CRPF Public School (Delhi), Sangamitra High School (Hyderabad), Azim Premji Foundation (Bangaluru), Army Public School (Bangaluru), Salam Balak Trust (New Delhi), Vijay Trust (Andra Pradesh) among others.

Disha India is engaged in an intensive action research on project-based learning with the objective of understanding the Gandhian principles of Nai-Talim in today’s context i.e. how can we use productive works as a medium of teaching and learning in schools for preparing children for life through life.

Disha India is in the process of setting up its own K-12 school in Karnal (Haryana) with the vision to make the school a centre for learning and sharing for the whole community.

Disha India Education Foundation is a non-profit social enterprise registered under section 25C of companies act, 1956.